5 Best Watch Brands in the World

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We have seen sunglasses brands, handbags brands and even footwear brands, now we will see 5 best watch brands in the world. Initially watches were worn by people for telling the time. However, they have now become fashion accessories.  There are some brands, whose watches are status symbols. Wearing watches of these brands gives a good impression. That is why people, especially men, wear watches for the sake of fashion only. Thus, we have listed the 5 best watch brands below.

5 Best Watch Brands in the World


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Rolex is undoubtedly the top watch brand in the world. That is why it is at number one position in our list of 5 best watch brands. It offers cutting-edge features and the material used in making Rolex watches is high-quality. The watches are hand-made and are quite resistant. Rolex is certified by COSC. It was founded in 1915. Its watches are expensive and can be called a status symbol. That is why most of the businessmen and celebrities have at least one watch by the brand.


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Omega is a Swiss watch brand. Its watches are famous due to their reliability and high quality. The brand sponsors sports events like golf and table tennis. Moreover, Omega is the official time-keeper in Olympics. The brand was established many years ago and is relied upon by many people including celebrities. Many celebrities like Cindy Crawford have endorsed the brand.


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This is another luxury watch brand. A wide range of styles are provided by the brand. Thus, people get watches to suit different occasions by Swatch. The watches are reliable. Many businessmen wear Swatch watches due to their sophistication. Although it is a brand of luxury watches, it provides watches of different price ranges.


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This brand provides stylish and innovative watches. It provides classic watches and watches with many features. A wide range of watches are available by Citizen. The watches are durable and have unconventional features. The brand is also known for its sports watches.


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Seiko is a Japanese watch company and brand. Both quartz and mechanical watches are provided by Seiko. It offers watches of many different prices. The watches of Seiko are known for their elegance and style. All the watches created by Seiko have proven reliability.

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