5 Fastest Animals In The World

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One often wonders how fast or at what speed can animals run and it is really fascinating to have knowledge regarding their speed. And incase you are interested in animals you can also learn about the 5 most dangerous animals of the world. 

5 Fastest Animals In The World

Following are the 5 Fastest Animals In The World. 


 Fastest Animals In The World

The first in our list of 5 Fastest Animals In The World is Cheetah. I am sure many of you must be aware of this fact. He is considered to be a stunning member of the cat family and is capable over  over no more than a quarter of a mile, of reaching running speeds of 70 to 75 mph, and capable of reaching such speed within three seconds of a standing start, far quicker than any super car could manage. Body temperature can rise to dangerous levels , which is why the cheetah has to rest after catching prey, sometimes for at least 30 minutes, if not longer.

Red Dragonfly

 Fastest Animals In The World

At number two in our list of 5 fastest animals in the world is Red Dragonfly. I am sure many of us aren’t aware of this fact. It is also called a Devils Darning Needle in UK.  It is estimated that the top speed for a dragonfly is 20 to 40 mph. Speed varies greatly between the several thousand different species, though larger dragonflies normally fly much faster. Dragonflies are the fastest flying insect on earth. And you can find 225 different species of dragonfly in Texas.

Leatherback Turtle

 Fastest Animals In The World

Then comes the Leatherback Turtle at number three in our list of top 5 fastest animals in the world.  Leatherback is also the fastest moving reptile. It has been measured moving at very nearly 22 mph in the water, making it the fastest reptile in the world.Though it may sound shocking for you i.e. an animal which has a turtle in his name is counted among the fastest animals in the world but its a fact. Because of the hydrodynamic body design among sea turtles, Leatherbacks have large front flippers that provide a lot of power when moving through the water. With these flattened forelimbs, they are highly adapted for strong swimming.


 Fastest Animals In The World

At number four in our list of 5 fastest animals in the world we have sailfish. This beautiful fish is found only in the oceans where the water is warm. There are two distinct species, both of which mature rapidly, reaching 5 ft within the first year, though adults are rarely longer than 10 ft, averaging 200lb in weight. They sometimes raise the dorsal fins when hunting in packs and herding fish shoals, and are the fastest fish in the seas, having been recorded at speeds in excess of 70 mph.

Peregrine Falcon

 Fastest Animals In The World

The last in our list of 5 fastest animals in the world is Peregrine Falcon. This bird is not only a beauty but also one of the fastest bird in the world. . When hunting, high up in the air, it catches prey by ambushing it. This is achieved by diving down upon it from on high, reaching speeds of over 200 mph during this characteristic hunting technique.

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