5 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas

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How many of you are Pakistani Drama Fans ? I presume most of you are !!. So, we decided to write an article on 5 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas this season. 

5 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas

For all you drama lovers, following are the 5 must watch Pakistani Drama in season

Dil e Muzter

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This is a story between one of the most handsome celebrity of Pakistani Drama Industry Imran Abbasi and a new comer Sanam Jang. The story is about Sila, the only child of wealthy parents, who loves her cousin Adeel. After death of Adeel’s father, he and his family has been living on the charity of his uncle, Sila’s Father. And Sila’s parents are not very pleasant in their dealing with Adeel’s family. AT the time of her marriage Sila reject other proposals and decides to marry Adeel. Adeel on the other hand does not like Sila but due the family pressure he decides to marry her. And the story evolves on this. This is the second drama by Aliya Bukhari.


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The second drama on our list of 5 must watch Pakistani Dramas is Silvatein. Though i am sure most of you are already in love with the drama, but incase you are not i would suggest you start following it. Specially when you are looking for a drama with good story line and pretty good sense of humor. The story is about two sisterly rivalry, and thing gets worse when a Prime Rishta from America choose the other sister, rather then the sister it was intended to be. It all how things get worse and how these two girls fight their demons.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

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Another one of FAWAD AFZAL KHAN’s drama and this is at number three in our Top 5 must watch Pakistani drama’s. I am sure most of you have seen it, and in case you haven’t you are missing something epic. Please start watching it now. The drama is about how a woman adjust her self to a husband despite their social, financial and moral difference and how a man changes himself for the women he loves.


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At number 4 in our list of 5 must watch Pakistani Drama’s is Virasat. In case you are up to something substance, this is the right choice for you. This drama is the mirror image of Pakistani society and the culture of its Political System. This serial is based on several actual political figures and  events, this serial stars Faysal Qureshi, Savera Nadeem and Nimra Bucha, with later appearances by Faizan Khawaja. The story is of a powerful man who manipulates every situation life throws at him to his own advantage This is a Mega serial from A&B production, written by Faiza Ifthikhar.

Main Manto

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The last in our list of 5 must watch Pakistani Drama’s is MAin Manto. The story is about a scriptwriter in Mumbai, after partition he moved with his family to Lahore, Pakistan. The story tell you about his difficulties, how he managed to keep himself and his family afloat during those bad days.

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