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List of best makeup brands for women : Cosmetics are an essential part of the lives of women today. Not only for the purpose of polishing one’s self but also to take care of their skin and hair in the polluted environment of today as the world advances. Here we have thus sorted out a list of five best makeup brands for women which will help all ladies out there in selection of the best products for themselves. Read on!

List Of Five Best Makeup Brands For Women

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1) MAC
MAC is the acronym for Makeup-art cosmetics and is one of the best cosmetic brands for women. MAC manufactures a creative range of cosmetic products which are the reason behind its success and popularity. This brands keeps in view the needs of all classes of audience and so it comes up with a wide variety of each product category in its range. This brand has good quality material and thus is very reliable.
cosmetics by MAC

Revlon is another popular name among the best makeup brands for women. It is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the makeup industries around the globe. Particularly, Revlon is more popular for the variety of lipsticks and unique colors that it comes up with and of course the skin care products. Revlon is trusted a lot by women all over the world.

Cosmetics by revlon
Etude doesn’t need an introduction. Etude is one best cosmetic brand that caters the niche of the market. IT has wide price ranges in each of the product line so that it caters the needs of everyone. This is a South-Korean brand and is amazingly famous for their affordability, reliability, and quality products.

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Cosmetics by etude

Loreal initially started with hair products but slow and gradually expanded and began catering all the cosmetic needs of women all over the world, thus proving to be one of the best makeup brands for women. This expanded horizon of Loreal now includes perfumes, skin care products, hair products and other cosmetics which add charm to women’s beauty. Reportedly, Loreal is being considered as the top most brand in 2013 for women cosmetic brands thus it had to be a part of this list of best makeup brands for women.

makeup prodcts by loreal
Oriflame was founded in the late 60s by two Swedish brothers and has gained a good position in the best makeup brands for women, which is also proved factually. The products of Oriflame are being used in 60 different nations and thus the brand has captured a large share of cosmetic market internationally. In addition to great quality of products, wide range of items, and other business endeavors, this brand is also associated with a number of charity programs thus gaining attention of a large population.

cosmetics by oriflame for women

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