Five Best Police Forces In The World

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The strength of  a country depends on three things, first the finical condition, second the strength of army and lastly the strength of police department. We have already told you about the top 5 best armies of the world, and today we will be taking about the five best police forces in the world. There are various reason due to which these police forces are considered to be among the leading police forces of the world such as less rate of corruption, number of active police officers and ratio of cases solved etc.

Five Best Police Forces In The World

Following are the top Five Best Police Forces In The World.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canada

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The first in our list of five best polices forces in the world is Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canada (RCMP). This police force is known as Mounties among the general public and state police of Canada. It is considered to be one of the high standard and renowned police force. One thing which standards RCMP out is that; Royal Canadian Mounted Police offers not only nation wide but also international police services. It has 190 metropolises including indigenous societies along with 3 global airports. The IOB which is a part of international Police is the section of RCMP central and worldwide process directorate. There are 35 linked officers positioned in the different 25 countries who are liable to manage the concerned inquires in other various countries. They are also responsible for mounting and managing the swaps of criminal intelligence.

Scotland Yard-London

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The second in our list of five best police forces in the world is Scotland Yard-London’s police force department. Scotland Yard which is formally known as New Scotland Yard situated in the Westminster. It is founded in 1829 and it is also the center of operations plus H.Q. of Metropolitan Police. The New Scotland Yard has turned into worldwide and global popularity as a sign of policing, and holding many capabilities. New Scotland Yard is tremendously affecting in the mentality of the community. Indeed expertise, elevated act and accuracy are the proud of (NSY)


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At number three in our list Five Best Police Forces In The World we have Interpol. Interpol stands for International Crime Police Organization. It is considered to be the biggest worldwide police association of all over the world having the membership of about 188 countries. Interpol came into existence in the year 1923 and since then it has made easy collaboration with police operations and to cross the border along with the help of all international organizations.


Police Forces

At number four in the Five Best Police Forces In The World we have LAPD. Actual name of LAPDA is Los Angeles police department. This is one of the highest ranked police department in the continent of America. It is also rated to be among the highest ranked police department among the various other police departments of the world. It consists of 3000 resident staff and more then ten thousand officers. LAPD started in the year 1933 and since then it has been effectively working against crimes.

Victoria Police Of Australia

Police Forces

The last in our list of five best police forces in the world is Victoria Police of Australia. This police department came into existence on January 8,1853 and it is situated in Australia. It is also considered to me one of the largest police services around the globe. Its services are available for the Victorian public 24/7.
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  • EvigtRegn

    Yeah… and all the supposedly “best police forces in the world” just happen to be english speaking. This list might be A LITTLE biased.

    Australia and Canadad don’t have such a tough crime challenge compared to many others, so on what criteria would they be in top 5?

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      Can you share your list with us? :)

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        Haha, I don’t have one. I’d have to do some serious research to make one and I already have a day job ;)

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