List Of 5 Most Dangerous Diseases

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Health is a big blessing, you only realize its importance when you get unwell. There are many diseases in the world some of them curable other not. In today’s health article we will tell you about  list of 5 most dangerous diseases. 

List Of 5 Most Dangerous Diseases

Following is the List Of 5 Most Dangerous Diseases

5. Malaria

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At number five in our list of 5 most dangerous diseases is Malaria. Though it seems to be curable, but once it was considered to be the most dangerous diseases. Even now if you do not do medication on time it is bound to get serious and nasty.  The symptoms of Malaria are fever, back ache and weakness. The reason due to which Malaria spreads through is Plasmodium genus and its species are P.ovale, P.malariae, P. vivax etc.

4. Influenza

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At number 4 in our list of 5 most dangerous diseases is Influenza. Which is commonly known as FLU. This is a viral diseases and usually you have to take antibiotics to get rid of it. You can control is but it takes its time to end. . The patients suffer from chills, fever, body aches and cough. Flu is transmitted by nasal secretions, cough or bird droppings. The two types Influenza are Influenza A and Influenza B, Trivalent vaccine is given to the patient in disease.

3. Tuberculosis

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At number 3 in our List Of 5 Most Dangerous Diseases is Tuberculosis. The worst thing is that TB is transmitted through air diffusion, i.e. if an effected person coughs in the presence of a healthy person, the chance of healthy person getting effected are very high. The reasons of the infection are Mycobacterium species and mostly M.tuberculosis. Normally the disease take actions when the immune system of the prey is very weak. As for the symptoms the patient suffers from body aches, coughs, fever, loss of weight and weakness.

2. Hepatitis

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The second disease in our list of 5 most dangerous diseases is Hepatitis. Once it was considered to be incurable, but to the the medical advancements one can find a cure for hepatitis provided it is detected in early stages. People who have hepatitis they are keen to become weak, lose weight and also become palish. There are 5 types of hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and the most dangerous of is C. And the most common among them are A, and B. A is spread through the oral route (eating and drinking), B is through blood or sexual act and C when persistently present can result to carcinoma liver.

1. HIV-Aids

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And the first diseases among the list of most dangerous diseases is HIV-Aids. This is the most dangerous diseases, also the doctors haven’t found its cure.  The cause of the disease is Immunodeficiency virus, which enters the human body to weaken the immune system and give ways to other infections to enter the body and affect it. It can be transmitted through, sexual intercourse, from mother while birth, breast feeding, sterilized injections and blood transferring.

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