List of 5 Best Airlines in the World

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Airplanes are the preferred modes of international travel. Flying from one country to another is quick and due to availability of many deals and discounts, quite cheap also. There are many airlines in the world. There are some, which are preferred by many people due to their superior service and comfort. Over here we have given a list of 5 best airlines in the world. These airlines offer better service than others. You can see the list of 5 best airlines in the world here.

1-Singapore Airlines

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Singapore Airlines offers the best flying experience on a budget. The service of the airline company is quite good and employees are trained to treat everyone with respect and care. The seats in the flights are comfortable, the airplanes are clean and there is in-flight entertainment. Thus, it is no wonder that many people like to fly with Singapore airlines.

2-Air New Zealand

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This airline company is included in our list of 5 of the world’s best airlines because it offers great in-flight service. It has really improved its in-flight service and so has gone up in some rankings of best airlines. Cabin comfort and food in the flights are also factors which have led to this position. It offers its services in Australia, North America, Asia, Europe and the South Pacific.


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It is a Dubai-based airline. This airline is the largest in UAE. It is owned by the Emirates group. It has a strong brand name and great service. It has won various awards due to its great service and operational excellence. In terms of cabin comfort, in-flight service and food, the airline is really good. That is why we have listed it among the best airlines.

4-Korean Air

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It is the largest airline of South Korea. It is also the Flag carrier of the country. It is among the top passenger and cargo airlines. Moreover, it serves different cities in various countries for cargo transport and passenger travel. Flyers have good perception of its in-flight service, cabin comfort and food.

5-Cathay Pacific

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It is a Hong Kong based airline. It offers passenger and cargo services to 168 destinations in 42 countries around the world. It has a huge fleet of wide-body aircraft. It has improved its operations in every area. It offers good value and great food. Cabin-comfort is also good.

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