List of 5 Common Good Luck Omens around the World

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Superstition and belief in good or bad omens is a part of our psyche. Whether we like it or not, most of us believe in good and bad luck to a certain extent. There are many good and bad omens common in the world. Some of these go back hundreds of years. We have listed 5 common good luck omens around the world over here. If you are superstitious, you will surely relate to our list of 5 common good luck omens.

5 Common Good Luck Omens


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Finding a horse shoe that a horse has lost is number one in the list of 5 common good luck omens since it is quite common. The horseshoe must be found with the open end towards you. It then must be hung with the open end up. One of the reasons why horseshoes are considered lucky is that horses were thought to be repulsive for witches. Thus, witches rode on brooms to avoid horses. Another reason is that horseshoes are made of iron, which has been considered to have magical properties since prehistoric times.

2-Four-Leaf Clovers

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The Irish particularly believe that finding a four-leaf clover brings good luck. It is believed that clovers protect people from harmful and evil spells. Four-leaf clovers are quite rare. There is one in 10,000 clovers. According to belief, when Adam and Eve were exiled from heaven, Eve took a four-leaf clover with her to remind her of the happiness experienced in heaven. Christians also link the four leaves of the clover to the four parts of the cross Jesus was crucified on.

3-Rabbit’s Foot

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Rabbit’s foot is good luck charm. It brings good luck as well as ward off bad luck. They have to be worn on a chain around one’s neck. The older the foot, the more good luck it provides. It is believed to be a good luck charm since a rabbit is born with its eyes open. It can thus, see-off evil, in the first few moments of its life. Rabbits’ feet are also thought to bring good luck since rabbits multiply rapidly despite living underground. People used to believe that witches and evil beings lived underground.


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Wishbones are also very lucky. Two people hold onto a breastbone of chicken or turkey and pull it apart until it breaks. While doing this, each of them makes a wish. The one who is able to get the longer part gets his or her wish. If both the parts are of the same of the same size, then both people get their wish. It is a custom to save the bone while carving a chicken or turkey and then dry it over fire. The phrase “have a lucky break” originated from this good luck charm.


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Finding a penny is considered to be a sign of good luck. This is a new version of an old superstition due to which metal in any form was a gift from the Gods. From this belief, we get the new belief that finding pennies bring good luck. Money is also thought of as a source of power. That is why the rhyme goes “find a penny, pick it up, all day you will have good luck”. However, picking up a coin lying face down is not considered lucky.

These are just the 5 most common good luck omens. There are many good omens other than these top 5 like bird droppings landing on you, seeing a falling star and so on. Do you believe in any good luck omens? If yes, then share them with us through your comments.

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