List of Top 5 Difficult English Tongue Twisters

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Tongue twisters are sentences or phrases and even poems that are difficult for many people to say fast and clearly. People have a lot of fun with these tongue twisters. Some of them do produce funny results when people mispronounce them. When we think of them, childhood memories of trying to say these phrases fast, pop up in our minds. But tongue twisters are not only meant for fun and games. They are great for practicing pronunciation of different words. Thus, those people, who are learning a new language, find them useful. There are some tongue twisters in all languages in the world. However, we have presented top 5 difficult English tongue twisters here.

Top 5 Difficult English Tongue Twisters

Top 5 Difficult English Tongue Twisters 001

1- The Sixth Sick Sheikh’s Sixth sheep is Sick

The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick is number one in our list of top 5 difficult English tongue twisters. This is because it is the most difficult tongue twister in English Language according to Guiness book of world records. It is also one of the smallest tongue twisters in English language.

2-She Sells Sea-Shells on the Sea-Shore

This is another hard and popular English tongue twister. It was a part of a song released in 1908. The lyrics of the song were by Terry Sullivan and music was by Harry Gifford. The song was based on the life of Mary Anning, who was a popular fossil collector.

3- Betty Botter bought some butter

It is only a part of a famous tongue twister song written by Carolyn Wells. The tongue twister is based on  alliteration. It uses four words that begin with the letter “B” and end with “-ter”. There are five vowels used in the pattern of B-(vowel-ter).

4- Six slippery snails, slid slowly seaward

This is also quite popular as a tongue twister and is found in many lists of English tongue twisters.

5- Shep Schwab shopped at Scott’s Schnapps shop

This is the first part of tongue twister rhyme. After this comes “one shot of scott’s schnapps stopped Schwab’s watch”. This is a hard tongue twister and won first prize in “Games” magazine in the year 1979.

This is a list of just 5 difficult English tongue twisters. We are sure that you will have your list of tongue twisters other than this. If you know any other tongue twisters, do share them with us.

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