List of Top Five Cosmetic Brands in the World

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Every woman has the desire to look beautiful. Nowadays, even men are concerned about their appearance. The desire to look good has created a huge market for cosmetic brands. The brands offer a range of products from moisturizers to hair care products. There are dozens of such cosmetic brands operating internationally. We present to you a list of top five cosmetic brands in the world. The brands have been ranked according to their brand value.

Top Five Cosmetic Brands in the World


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If we list top five cosmetic brands according to brand value, then Olay will be on top. It is an American brand, owned by Proctor and Gamble. It has many different skin-care products from anti-ageing creams to cleansers. It comes up with innovative products quite often.


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Avon is one of the most widely renowned brands for cosmetics in the world. It has been providing cosmetics since the 1880s. It is an American brand and is the biggest direct seller of makeup and beauty products across the globe. It provides a wide range of products and is well-established in the cosmetics market. Hence, its brand value is quite high.


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There will be hardly any modern woman, who does not know about L’Oreal. It is a huge cosmetics and beauty brand and company. It is a French brand. L’Oreal, which started with only hair color, now offers hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care products. It is famous for its high-quality and safe products.


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Neutrogena is another American brand for cosmetics and ranks number 4 in  cosmetic brands in the world. It offers cosmetics, hair care and skin care products. It has specific products for acne, anti-ageing and sun protection. The brand belongs to Johnson & Johnson.


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Nivea is known for its packaging consisting of blue tin with white writing. It is a German brand, which provides both body care and skin care products. The products of this brand are provided all over the world. It won the ‘Most Trusted Brand Award 2010’.

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