List of Top 5 Internet Browsers

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How many of you are having trouble with their internet browsers? I remember i time when i use to have problems with my internet browser and it use to drive me crazy. Thankfully in the present age i am very content with my internet browser. This article is for those who are not satisfied with their internet browser. In this article we will tell you about the list of top 5 internet browsers. 

List of Top 5 Internet Browsers

Following is the list of List of Top 5 Internet Browsers 

Internet Explorer

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Most of you are aware of this browser. I remember it from my childhood, and so many of you. Though many do not approve of it now, but it still is considered to be a good browser among many. And because of that it is at number 5 in our list of top 5 internet browsers. Its older version aren’t worth a thing but the latest version the Internet Explorer 9 has some features which has made it worth a shoot. It supports HTML5, CSS3 and SVG. The downside is that it only works for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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Then in our list of top 5 internet browsers we have firefox. I was once a very big fan of this browser. In 2003 Mozilla’s Browsers came into the competition against Internet Explorer. Firefox was able to capture people internet very quickly. . A cross-platform browser, it works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and it is one of the most standard-compliant browsers. Among its most appealing characteristics are a better rendering of the web pages compared to Internet Explorer, add-ons and extensions to personalize your searches, session restoration, a download manager and pop-up blocking.It supports HTML5, CSS3 and it enables developers to create full-screen video content and apps.


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 Another one internet explorer in our list of top 5 internet browsers is of the  most famous browser these days, Yes none other then Chrome. It was launched in 2008 by Google and in just 5 years it has captured a large amount of audience. Chrome was meant to rethink browsing completely. Chrome was the first browser to introduce tab isolation and one box for both addresses and searches, and it started as a faster and cleaner browser.It also enables multiple profiles in one window, and allows you to access your printer from any enabled web app through Google Cloud Print.


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At number 2 in our list of top 5 internet browsers is Safari. Apple’s Safari was initially developed for Mac OS, but it was later introduced to Windows (XP, Vista or 7). It is the default browser for Mac. It supports HTML5, CSS3 and SVG. An interesting feature of this browser is that it removes advertisements and pop-ups and leaves just the text, to allow you to read any given article without being bothered by these. Like all browsers now, it enables DNS prefetching to allow users to make searches using the address bar.


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The we have in our list of top 5 internet browsers is Opera. And it is the least popular in our list of browsers. t supports all major web standards, including HTML5, CSS3 and SVG, and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It is the only computer browser that has a phone version

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