The 5 Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time

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Martial arts movies are a very popular genre of movies. They have influenced directors for the past several years. These films are becoming more popular with time. This is due to the success of mainstream Chinese martial arts films, the depiction of martial arts in Hollywood films and the success of Bruce lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and other such masters of martial arts. We have given a list of the 5 best martial arts movies. These are the best martial art movies in our opinion. Our list of 5 best martial arts movies are given here.

5 Best Martial Arts Movies

1-The Legend of the Drunken Master

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The Legend of the Drunken Master was released in America in 2000. This was actually a  Hong Kong martial arts film released in 1994. It was called Drunken Master II in Hong Kong. It is the sequel of Drunken Master released in 1978. Jackie Chan starred in the film. This film is about Huang Fei-Hung, who fights with thieves smuggling Chinese artifacts to the British. The final fight with Ken Lo and the spear and sword fight with Liu Chia-Liang both are amazing. The film was put in the list of 100 best films of all time by Times Magazine.

2-Enter the Dragon

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It is a 1973 martial arts movie. It starred Bruce Lee. The film marked the final appearance of Bruce Lee in movies. It is also the first Chinese martial arts movie to be produced by a major Hollywood Studio. It is about a martial artist who agrees to spy on a crime lord when he given an invitation to a tournament. It is one of the highly popular martial arts movies of all time. It was superb due to its series of perfectly choreographed fighting sequences with minimum distractions. The fight sequences show the talent of Bruce Lee.

3-The Chinese Connection

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This is another Bruce Lee martial arts movie. The film is also known as fist of fury. It was released in the year 1972. It was with this movie that Bruce Lee got superstardom. The movie is centered on how the hero defeats Japanese Domination single handedly after he finds his instructor murdered and seeks vengence.  The film was loosely based on the life and death of great martial arts expert Huo Yuan-Chia. Due to its theme it sparked a sense of nationalism among the Chinese population. The film was remade in 1999 with Jet Li playing the role previously played by Bruce Lee.

4-Ip Man

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Ip Man is a Hong Kong martial arts movie released in 2008. The film is a semi-biographical account of Yip Man, who was a great martial arts teacher. He was the one who trained Bruce Lee. It is a revenge story. In the movie Ip founds a school of karate in the times of Japanese oppression and begets Bruce Lee. It is one of the best choreographed martial arts films of all time. The final fight between Ip man and Japanese general Miura is simply superb thanks to the amazing choreography. The film was nominated in 12 categories in Hong Kong Film awards and won awards for Best Film and Best Action Choreography.

5-Tai Chi Master

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Tai Chi Master is a 1993 martial arts film. The film stars Jet Li. In the movie, Jet Li plays the role of Junbao, the founder of Tai Chi. Junbao and Tianbao are two monks in a Shaolin Temple. They are wrongly accused of cheating during a tournament and expelled. After that, they choose different paths. Teinbao betrays Junbao, who loses his memory. While recovering Junbao forms the art of Tai Chi. The film is entertaining although it is not historically accurate. The acrobatic fight sequences in the film are especially entertaining.

So, this is our list of 5 best martial arts movies of all time. Tell us about your favorite martial arts movies through your comments.

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