Top 5 Designers Of Pakistan

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If your wedding is coming up , or a very important party ? And you plan to out-stand every one, what you need is a sizzling and dazzling dress. Now where to get that dress from ? Especially when you have designers wanting for you at every kroner, how to make the right choice ? Which designer to go to without having any doubt in your mind ? In today’s Fashion article we will talk about the top 5 designers of Pakistan. 

Top 5 Designers Of Pakistan

Dresses have always been of great importance in Pakistani culture, especially Wedding Dresses. What makes Pakistani dresses special are the bright colors and heavy work. These dress have the touch of both the modern world, and the Mughal world. Our Fashion Industry is rich with talented people. These people have unique and innovative ideas which make the dresses one of their kind. Pakistani dresses are famous world wide. Not only the dresses are famous for their outstanding work, but also the dress maker. Following are the top 5 designers of Pakistan. 

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)


The first in our list of top 5 designers of Pakistan is Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, or generally known as HSY. He is considered to be the best among Pakistani fashion world, people even call him the king of the fashion industry because of its unique idea and innovative color schemes.  He has an in born talent for dress making. He is best known for his bridal dresses.

Deepak Perwani


The second in our list of Top 5 Designers of Pakistan is Deepak Perwani. He is known for his funky color schemes. And is also considered to be the most stylish Pakistani groom Dresses. He is not famous nation wide, but he is also internationally famous for his groom dresses.  If you like to wear something that is out of the box, and not at all traditional Deepak Perwani is the right choice for you, also if you do not mind the stunning contrast of color you should opt for him. Deepak Perwani lines includes casual wear for both men and women, men and women bridal dresses, bride and groom accessories etc.



The third in our list of top 5 designers of Pakistan is Mehdi, and he is my personal favorite. If you like settle color combination Mehdi is the designer for you. He is famous for his bridal stunning dresses. His dresses are the metaphor of the true Pakistani wedding cultures. He adds color to the traditional wedding dresses to make them something out of the world.



Lajwanti is at number 4 in our list of top 5 designers of Pakistan. Lajwanti’s are one the oldest brands of Pakistan and they are known for their tradition and unique heavy designs. Their specialty is stones and beads, regardless how modern their dresses are or how traditional they are they will always have beads and stones in them.

Nilofer Shahid


The last in our list of top 5 designers of Pakistan is Nilofer Shahid. She is an old kc-ites, and was known for her extraordinary dresses back in college. If you want something that has all the modern touch to it, something like the present heroine Nilofer is your best shot. Her design are simple, yet special and they will always make you look smart.

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