Top 5 Most Paid Jobs In The World

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Every person in the world chooses his field of study after knowing that is the job scope well or not. This is the reason why most of the students become confused at the time of selecting their field. There are thousand of jobs in the world but a person should always think before choosing any career. The first priority should be the scope of the job and then the popularity of the field.To clear this confusion, this post will focus on the top 5 most paid jobs in the world. In this way people will get a better view of different jobs and then they can choose easily among them.



surgeon- most paid job

The highest paid job in the world is of a surgeon. This job needs a training of at least 10 to 15 years. This is a highly risky job. A small mistake can create big trouble. A surgeon is responsible for a person’s life and death. The highest salary given to a surgeon is $181,850 but this varies according to the experience of a surgeon. If a surgeon is highly experienced and knows how to deal with the most complicated surgeries then he will be getting much more then the above mentioned amount of salary.


CEO- second most paid job

This job is at the second place in the list of the highly paid jobs in the world. The training time of this job varies and the highest salary is $140,890. The CEO is responsible for the management of a firm. The day to day operational performance of the company is in the hands of the CEO. Their responsibility is to work for the progress of the firm or the company.


engineering manager- third most paid job

This job is at the third position. The training time is 6 to 7 years and the highest paid salary is $140,210. Their responsibility is to take care of all the engineering functions of the company. They are responsible for the coordination and making of plans, researches and designs. A company can also not work properly without a good engineering manager. They are responsible for laying out the foundation of the firm and to organize the building blocks of the firm as well.


airline pilot- fourth most paid job

At the fourth position is the Airline Pilot. The training time is 5 to 10 years and the highest salary being paid is $134,090. This job requires tough training and physical fitness as well. The Airline Pilot can not only fly commercial planes but he can also fly helicopters and test aircrafts. Experience makes the man perfect so the pilot with extra experience gets extra benefits. A senior pilot can also serve as an aviation director.


dentist- fifth most paid job

At the fifth position is the dentist. This job is highly paid because there are very less people specialized in this field. The training time required is 8 years approximately and the highest paid salary is $132,702. People nowadays do not give proper attention to their teeth and do not usually pay visits to the dentists that is the reason why their disease turn out to be big and at the end they do not have any shortcut.

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