Top 5 must watch romantic movies

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Romantic Movies ?? How many of you like them ? I don’t know about you people but i definitely am big fan of Romantic Movies. Many say they influence your thinking, like you start to expect a prince charming. But i think they change your tempo and mood. And take you to a tension free world for some time. Anywayz this is my point of view and you don’t need to agree with it. But in case you are big fans of Romantic Movies then you are in the right place, because in this article we will be discussing Top 5 must watch romantic movies. We will rank movies on bases of their popularity and fame, instead of on my personal preference or anything.

Top 5 must watch romantic movies

Following are the Top 5 must watch romantic movies

1. Twilight Series
Twilight Series

These are considered to be one of the mostly High rated Romantic Movies. They were considered to be as good as the legendary Harry Potter series and this is one reason they are on top of our list of Top 5 must watch romantic movies. The story is about a highschool girl, who falls in love with a vampire. It is about how they develop their relationship, of what ups and downs they have to go through to workout their relationship. And vampire’s are not the only mythical characters in the movies  but presence of werewolves add spice to the movies.

2. A Walk To Remember
A walk to remember

At number 2 in our Top 5 must watch romantic movies is one of my favorite A Walk To Remember. If you ask me i simply can’t define this movie in words, it simply awesome. The movie is based on a very famous writer Nichols Spark.  The story is again about teenagers, how a supposedly bad boy Shane West falls in love with a typical good girl Mandy Moore. How Shane West changes himself over time, and how they face challenges, harbingers and finally fall in love with each it. It is a must watch movie if you are fan of romantic movies

3. The NoteBook
The Notebook

The Notebook is another epic movie, and is at third position in our list of Top 5 must watch romantic movies. The story is about how a poor guy falls for a rich girl, and then they are separated due to the financial difference. But later on they work on their difference and finally come back together again. If you are romantic movies fan, you must see this movie.

4. The Proposal
The Proposal

Starting Sandra Bullock as a irritating and hard nosed book editor who is hated by everyone around her office. She suddenly finds that she is being deported to Canada  having no other way out she forces her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her. But this relationship which started out as a business deal turns into genuine romance because these two are forced to spend the weekend with Andrew’s (Sandra Bullock) family.

5. Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice

This one is another favourite of mine. It is written by a very famous writer of contemporary romantic novels JANE AUSTEN. The movie is about how two people who belong to different class, and have different mind set fall for each other. The main lead is Dr Darcy is considered to be a very handsome rich but arrogant and rude person, on the other hand the female main lead Elizabeth is considered to be average looking with the habit of speaking her mind. The story revolves around these two, how they overcome their differences and fall in love.


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